Why Were They Used?

God saw something in the lives of today’s great men to have pointed them out of the lots.

Prayer: O God that thing that you saw in the saints of old that made them usable, locate it in my life and let me be usable in this generation in the name of Jesus.

4 types of people/disciples in the Church
* Those who do not have
* Those who have little but cannot give
* Those with enough to aid their survival
* Those who have more than enough and are able to give

People struggle in life in virtually every area, but that doesn’t disqualify them from being disciples.

2nd Kings 3:11 Why was Elisha used by God:

He was not in the church when God located whatever he saw in his life.
God used him because he was Humble.
* Every disciple of Christ must wear the garment of humility.
* Pro 16:4 No man is anything without God.
* Luke 5:6 They followed God with obedience without questioning.
* They were honest with little things/assignments

We must be ready to serve the tables for discipleship.
May God bless you as you continue listening.

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