Why We need the God that answered by fire.

Why Did Elisha need the God of Elijah?

Elijah’s ministry stood out because he served a God that answered by fire 2nd Kings 2:11
By the time Elisha wanted to start his ministry, he knew he needed the God that answers by fire.

* He knew the ministry of his mentor is associated with fire.
* He knew his mentor was the only person that defeated 400 prophets.
* His mentor first repaired God’s altar
* His mentor was a man that could not be bought by a price.
* He knew the God of his mentor provided for him in times of famine.

Why do we need the God of Elijah?

He is Jehovah Jireh in times of famine. A meal that lasted for 40 days. Only the God of Elijah could provide this…

Prayer: Wicked powers of the land, the Lord God of Elijah is against you. Die in the name of Jesus.

As you listen be blessed in Jesus Name.

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