When The Eyes Need Deliverance

1st Cor 10:11 – In the Christian journey, there is a tendency for falling. Be careful warns this portion of the bible.

Gen 3:4 The first satanic attack targeted the eyes.

Facts about the Eyes:
The eyes are one of the major forces that can make someone fall.
The eyes are for vision and it hears more words than every other part of the body including the ears.
The eyes are the fastest and most responsive part of the human body.
Our thoughts emanate majorly from the things we see with our eyes.

Why the eyes need deliverance:

• The eyes are used for despising others.
• The eyes can easily attract pollution to our lives.
• The eyes can be deceptive by seeing things that are unpleasant pleasant.
• Sometimes we are wise in our eyes.
• Lust resides in the eyes.

As you continue listening, be blessed in Jesus Name.

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