When God Weighs Our Actions

Hew 11:17
Gen 22:4 God weighed Abraham’s actions by testing his faith if he would be loyal.
Hew 11:17 God put Abraham’s obedience to a test
James 1:13 God tries every man to know who we are. Our actions are weighed by God to know how accountable we can be.
Question: If God weighs your actions, how accountable will he find you.

To be empowered you must be connected to people.

Gen 18:1-15 God will judge our actions towards strangers.
Hew 13:2 Entertain strangers irrespective.
Matt 25:31-41

• The first thing that God will weigh is how we treat other people to be empowered.
• God will weigh our actions towards giving.
• Our actions will be weighed by God towards things that do not belong to us (Luke 16:12).
• God will weigh and test our obedience, loyalty towards leadership (Col 3:23)
• Nebuchadnezzar was humbled by God after he failed to be accountable for the power handed him by God (Daniel 4:35).

God weighs our actions through little things that we may not even pay attention to…..

May God bless you and find you accountable even as you continue to listen to the rest of the message in Jesus name.

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