When God Speaks About You

He spoke to Mary, Zechariah Gen 4:1-4 He spoke to Abraham. He speaks with authority,

When he speaks:
It changes the spiritual realm that which the person concerned is operating.
Things around us may not change, but one thing that changes in the spiritual realm.
He releases power that causes destinies to be liberated Gen 13:1…He spoke to Sarah and barrenness became history.
He spoke to Ishmael and he became a great nation.
When God speaks, our life changes for the better.
He doesn’t need approval from any general overseer. A man may speak and fail, but God is not a man.
When he speaks it changes how men see you.

When Can The Spoken Words Come to Pass in Your Life?

We need obedience for God’s words to have an impact in our lives
Praise him at all times
Live A holy life

As you continue listening, may he speak concerning you in Jesus’ name.
Personal Prayer: Every word of God that has been marked for me to fulfill destiny, come alive today in the name of Jesus

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