What Can Man Do?


Man can never be God’ you can only be Godly.

You can only be christlike but not Christ.

3Jn 11 The experiences we have from people can change us, but does heaven give you the permission to do what you want to do?
Rom 14:4 Criticism and people’s opinion can change who you are.
No matter where you are seated, God has called you for an assignment; no man has the right to judge you.
People’s opinions do not determine who you are. When man criticizes you; it either makes you or mars you.
Gal 1:15 The grace of God is working for you. 2 Tim 3:12 Never let one person’s persecution determine your character or attitude to the other person.
Act 12:18-21 Yourlively hood will not be in the hands of any man in Jesus’ name.

What Can Man do:
Man’s flattery and commendations can change who we are towards other men and our relationship with God.
Luke 8:28 Abuse from man/men can change who you are.

What is heaven telling you to do?

As you listen be blessed in Jesus’s name.

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