Walking With God

Gen 5:21-24
Eunuch and Elijah walked with God and they both entered heaven alive.

Man can walk in lies
Man can walk in darkness
Man can walk in pride Daniel 4:17
2nd cor 5:7 Man can walk by sight
Phil 4:17-19 Man can also walk as an enemy of christ
A man can walk disorderly
A man can walk on the sins of his father
A man can also choose to walk in a perfect way
Jer 18:12 A man can walk after his own device
A man can walk after men
A man can walk wisely.

A few ways God expects us to walk with him:

Gen 17:1 God expects us to walk perfectly with him
Eph 5:2 God expects us to Walk in Love
God expects all men to walk in his ways Deut 5:33
God expects us to walk after him Hosiah 11:10

Remain blessed as you continue listening.

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