To Obey God, Or To Make Excuses?


It’s normal for human beings to give excuses why they disobeyed God.
Half disobedience is total disobedience according to heaven.

Rom 1:20
Adam and Eve don’t have an excuse because God spoke to them in plain language.
Excuses to disobedience lead to relationship damages with God.

The 10 spies gave excuses why they could not go and possess the land and they died for it.

Given God, excuses can cost a man his destiny.

Aaron – Gave an excuse by making another God for the Israelites. It cost him the mantle that was handed over to Joshua.

There is no vacuum when it comes to the assignment of God.

Do you want to Obey? Or continue giving Excuses?

Some of the Benefits of Obeying
* Isaiah 1:19-20
* 1 Sam 15:22

Are you willing to work and walk with God?

As you continue listening, be blessed in Jesus name.

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