The Swallowed Destiny


Texts: 2nd Kings 6:1, Jer 51:20, Matth 14:10-12

Our God runs this world on principles that give birth to Miracles.
Anything that is not based on principles is based on assumption.

Lessons from the texts:

* The fact that you have a mighty man of God by your side doesn’t strip you of challenges

* The battles of life have no respect for your personality, gender, color, etc.

* In every land, country, cities there are gods in the Land. 2nd Kings 17:25-26

* We are all living a borrowed life. We are borrowed vessels just like the borrowed Axe, and you
will only be remembered for the impact you have left in people’s life.

* No matter your level of faith in God, you must understand that every land has ruling power.

* It will take brokenness to be a humble leader, and every good leader must have been a
disciple. It will take good leadership and discipleship to follow God.

* An axe is only an axe as long as the head is on the stick/metal. You can only be the head as
long as you are carrying the head physically and spiritually.

* God can use anything for as long as you make yourself available Exo 4:2-4. He used the
ordinary rod of Moses. He can use just anything to showcase his power.

A life without direction is a dangerous life. Locate and walk with the right people that can help your destiny.

We serve a God whose principles defy the law of gravity, rotation and every other known man-made law.

Prayer: God will connect you with your destiny helpers in the name of Jesus Christ.

As you continue listening, be blessed in Jesus name.

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