The Greatest Story Never Concluded

1st cor 2:9….Man will mock you for sure. The man that mocked you today is not your creator.

Gen 19:15-32 God is always at work for those that wait on him.

Facts—God is always loking for our point of ridicule to bring out the best in us.

Prayer: Your point of ridicule shall be ur point of promotion….Your greatest story have not ended.

In the midst of disaapointment , there is always an appointed time for an opening.

If you don’t know that you a story in the making, you may never understand how big your God is….

Those who have great stories in the bible, where those who believe in Giod….When God wants to launch you to the next level, there is always an enemy.

When tetimonies are closer there are a few weapons the enemies use…

1. Spirit of anger

2. Unforgiveness

3. Bitterness

4. Discouragement spirit

5. Resurfacing problems .

6.Seeking revenge

7. Desolation from everyone

8. Pride

9. Fault finding

10. Accuser of the brethren

As you listen, may the good Lord deliver you in Jesus name.

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