The Godly Wisdom

KEYNOTES: Wisdom is God’s given ability to judge correctly.
The wisdom of the world is not of God. Likewise, God’s wisdom is the opposite of the wisdom of the world.
Godly wisdom is God’s given ability to discern between good and bad and follow the right course of action.
God’s given wisdom is completely different from human or earthly wisdom and it is permanent.

Some of the features of Godly wisdom:

– Comes from the fear of the Lord
– Completely free from every form of Evil

When can it be bestowed on you?:

– When you are genuinely born again
– When you follow God’s principles
– Knowing the scriptures and working in the knowledge of the word of God.
– Praying for the spirit of wisdom to rest upon you.
– Following the instructions of the voice of the true men of God
– Taking heed to a Godly rebuke from the wise.

May you be blessed as you listen in Jesus’ name.

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