The Beauty Of His Holiness


1st Pet 2:9-10, Rom 6:22, 1st Pet 1:16, Rev 4:8..

The purpose of God is to give us an expected end according to his words, but when we are living in Sin none of these can come to pass.

Without holiness, a Christian cannot achieve anything from God.

He has called us to holiness service, hence we have to do away from every form of unholiness.

The hallmark of every genuine child of God is Holiness.

Holiness generally connects us with God’s perfection and Beauty.

It is the only valid ticket to see God and experience all he has destined to Man.

Without holiness, you will also not experience the manifestation of his powers and goodness.

Holiness is God’s goal for every of his creature.

Without holiness, there’s no transformation.

To enjoy fellowship with God, sin must be distant from us.
Holiness is achievable through the holy spirit and by avoiding any form of sin, living a disciplined life with the help and grace of God.

Be blessed as you continue listening in Jesus name.

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