Take Away The Barrier!


John 11:38 A barrier is a blocker, anything that hinders a person’s advancement.
Lazarus was held back by barriers: His testimonies came alive after the barriers were removed. What are those things that happened before his testimonies were unblocked:

• Stone had to be rolled away
• He was bound hands and feet
• Napkin was blocking his sight

Cain, Goliath, Gehazi, Judas Iscariot, The Israelites, and the Red Sea are other biblical examples of recorded barriers experiences.

Barriers can be spiritual or man-made.
Some examples of barriers:

• Your attitude or behavior can act as your barrier to advancing in Life.
• Disobedient is a barrier
• Trusting in Man
• Self-centeredness

As you continue listening, may the good Lord himself clear all barriers your way in Jesus name.

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