Spiritual Manipulations

Text: Gen 27:18
Rebecca was instrumental in the spiritual manipulation against Esau.
Jacob took the identity of his brother Esau through Identity theft. Likewise, the adversaries perpetrate this act against the children of God.

Prayer: Every spiritual manipulation assigned against my moving forward, die in the name of Jesus.

Blessing has to do with destiny. Once a man is blessed his abilities are easily rewarded.
Rebecca knew that when a man is blessed, there is a spiritual magnet that attracts every good thing to his destiny.

There are several spirits attached to a blessed life: Isaiah 11:1-4.
• The spirit of the lord (spirit of dominion) will rest upon him.
• The spirit of Wisdom Eph 1:17.
• Luke 24:43-45 Spirit of understanding.
• Spirit of counsel.
• Spirit of knowledge.
• Spirit of might. Samson, Abraham, Isaac all have the spirit of might.
• The fear of God.

The spirit of the Lord will envelop you afresh as you continue to listen in Jesus name.

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