Let’s Talk About Jesus

Luke 9:23-24
Following Jesus:
What does it mean to follow: To copy somebody, to accept someone as a guide, as a leader, to go through a path imitating someone’s steps.
Luke 9:23:

Why Follow Jesus? What should be seen in you as a follower of Christ?
Matt 11:29

* Jesus always expresses gratitude to the almighty God. Every child or follower of Christ must always show gratitude to God
* Jesus knew his identity. To follow Jesus successfully you must know your Identity.
* John 20:33 He gave the power to forgive. As a follower of Christ forgiveness should be innate conditionally and unconditionally.

Why forgiveness?
Mark 25:26 Because:

* Christ knows that unforgiveness hinders our prayers.
* Forgiveness keeps the devil away from us. Eph 4:27
* It gives the devil a foothold in our lives
* It makes God fight for us……

As you continue listening, be blessed in Jesus name.

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