It Is Finished


The death of Jesus did so many things, paid so many prices, but above all it brought equality to every man irrespective of who you are…

John 15: 1 Lessons >>> God is the husband man. he knows where to plant every one of us.
You and I must abide in Christ to be fruitful.
No branch can produce fruits on its own i.e. every man need each other and that is why Christ came to die for us.
God can only be glorified when the branch abide in Him.

Jesus himself said it is finished John 19:30 What does it mean to be finished?

He cancelled the reign of death over people’s lives.

He cancelled the power of sin over our lives.

He was talking about delivering us from the hands of sins.

Penalty of death upon our lives was paid off. Satan and his hosts were defeated.

It is time for the scriptures to be fulfilled.

It brought peace between man and God. It pushed man away and he stepped in.

He broke the partition between men and made everyone a single race.

As you continue listening, may the reason for the season collide with you in Jesus name.

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