In Place But Not Connected

John 15:4
No matter how useful a device is it can be dead because it runs on a battery which is temporary. Batteries have a limited life span and need to be recharged intermittently to restore power.

You have to connect the device properly to the charging source for power to be restored back on.

Question: Am I connected to the power source. Yes, you come to all services and are even punctual, but are you connected to the vine? Without been connected to the vine, you are practically busy doing nothing for God.

Doesn’t matter if you give all the giving and reap all the honor from men. If you ain’t connected to God, your service is vain.

2nd Tim 3:7
John 15:4 You must always make an effort to be connected to the source. A severed branch can’t bear fruits.

It’s not about how long you have been in church.

“Multiplication of effort is not a substitute for true power”.

Prayer: We will not be severed from the true source of power in the name of Jesus.
Business, Weariness, Tiredness, and even Eye Services are just a few of the little things at can make you disconnected from the true vine.

*Slow down on your business because it is hampering your connection to God.

Are you in God? Are you in Christ?

Are you remaining in God?

As you listen, May the good Lord continue to bless you, and may you remain connected to the true vine in Jesus name.

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