Heaven Sees All Tears


Psalm 61, Psalm 65:2
Every human goes through that tearful/trial period.
2 Kings 20:1-5 God saw Hezekiah’s tears and heard his prayers.

Some categories of tears:
Happy tears
Regretful tears
Painful tears

Gen 21:14-18 God heard the voice of the baby when the mother cried.
*Heaven can hear any cry
*Heaven got ears where they hear the voice of Gods children.

1Sam 4:9, Psalm 56:8-9, 1 Sam 30:1-4, Luke 7:13 Heaven has answers to all weeping.
Heaven can decide to turn deaf ears to your cry/tears for the following reasons
1. Sin
2. Un-forgiveness
3. Severing relationship with God
4. When we propose in our heart to take revenge

May God bless you and hear your tears as you continue to listen.

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