KEYNOTES: 2nd Tim 2:13-
There are so many prayers, but there is a specific prayer that heaven requires from every one of us if we need the heavens to move on our behalf.
That prayer is the prayer of Faith.
When a prayer of faith is answered by God, it is never according to your church-going, offering, service, etc, but according to your faith level.

The level of faith varies according to the Bible. Your faith can be full, can be abundant and it can also be as small as a mustard seed.

Faith means coming to God without an aorta of doubt. It also means believing in future things that can come to pass.

Every human is expected to carry at least a level of Faith to expect anything from God.

Some conditions for faith to be activated:

• Total obedience
• Total believe
• You can’t question God or have any intention of questioning his commands.

Working in faith is not a funfair but warfare.

As you listen be blessed in Jesus Name.

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