Ways to draw nearer to God

Regardless of whether you are looking for a more noteworthy reason throughout everyday life, are just newly saved, or have strolled with Jesus for quite a while, these few basic hints will advise you that drawing nearer to God is only one little demonstration away. Invest some energy with God today, and you will be invigorated beyond your expectation.  Peruse the Bible. Underline, feature, or work out entries, sections, expressions, or words that address you. These are the blessings that continue giving when you need support as it were.

Get calm:

Put off the radio and TV, move back from your PC, set aside your phone, and track down a calm spot to just rest in God’s quality.

Count your blessings:

Take a walk and talk with God. Offer your heart: what is disturbing you, what you are grateful for, and your deepest desires. He tunes in.

Scripture Reading:

Ruminate over Scripture. Pick a stanza or short section, read it a few times, and welcome the Holy Spirit to address you about what you have realized with regards to what’s going on in your life at this moment.

His Creatures:

Wonder about the world God has made. Stroll in the backwoods, sit by a percolating stream, watch a mother bird feed her young, or drive out in the country for an outing. Allow the experience to absorb.


Share the story of how God has helped you with a companion, relative, or congregation. Seeing is an amazing asset for our own otherworldly development, and satisfies the Lord.

Selfless Service:

Accomplish something for another person without anticipating anything consequently.


Fasting carries clearness of brain and joined with any of the abovementioned, gives you the potential for a surprising experience with God.