Internal Killers


Lev 10:3

Every individual has their own weaknesses, regardless of how virtuous they may seem. When your behavior at home contrasts with how you act in church, it is an internal killer.

Internal Killers?
1 Corinthians 9:25-27 highlights the things we struggle to overcome, the areas where we lack control, as internal killers.

Signs of internal killers:

1. Being anointed without having character is indicative of an internal killer. A lack of character will eventually undermine the anointing.
2. Overextending beyond your current experience can be detrimental internally. Stay within your limits.
3. The spirit of pride is destructive internally, particularly when accompanied by an unteachable attitude.
4. Lack of love is another internal killer.
5. Thinking you can handle your battles without surrendering them to God.
6. Neglecting prayer.
7. Associating with the wrong crowd.
8. Holding onto unforgiveness.

As you continue to learn about overcoming or avoiding internal killers or their signs, may the Lord bless you abundantly.