Home Builder


Who qualifies as a proficient home builder? It’s the one who acknowledges the husband and the children. However, to truly be a builder, one must recognize God. Proverbs 14:1 emphasizes that a good home builder is more than just a contractor. The former not only constructs but also remains, while the latter merely constructs and departs. Let us aspire to be builders, not contractors, in the name of Jesus. A genuine builder contributes rather than covets. Putting God first, not material possessions, is essential for every competent home builder.


How do we build?

1. We build using the Word of God.

2. The foundation must be God.

3. Sacrifice should be considered a duty. Psalm 11:3 emphasizes the importance of prioritizing God in marriage.

As you continue to listen, may the Lord enable you to be a proficient home builder, not just a contractor. Happy Mother’s Day to all women.